The most expensive chains seen on the stars

Published: 10th February 2009
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Chains form an essential part of jewellery. Embellishments without a gold, silver or platinum chain are considered worthless. Women are fond of wearing chains in the form of a necklace, or anklet, or even bracelet.

Coming to the cost, silver chains are least expensive and platinum chains are very expensive. Silver chains are within easy reach of everyone. Even if the person is poor, still they can afford to wear a silver chain. Gold chains are mainly used by middle income group people and are very popular in eastern countries.

Next, we come to the platinum Chains, which are the most expensive ones. A person in the middle income group can never think of purchasing a platinum chain because it is too costly. Platinum chains are mostly seen on the stars and other rich people. Most celebrities are seen in advertisements and on the red carpet wearing expensive chains. Expensive chains have now become a status symbol for stars, and almost every star can be seen wearing either a diamond studded platinum chain or a pure platinum chain.

People who are not able to fulfill their dreams of having an expensive chain have found an easy alternative. They purchase a silver chain and then get it platinum polished. The polish that is done is not permanent and remains for around six to seven months. In this way, they can at least experience the pleasure of wearing an expensive chain for some time.

If you watch any gathering of stars, most of them will be seen wearing the most expensive and luxurious Chains. There are many reasons behind this. First of all, stars have got an excessive amount of money to spend. Secondly, the unmatched radiance and glow of an expensive chain makes the personality of the person brighter. This gives the person a charming and graceful look. Thirdly, designers are coming out with more and more designs every day to draw the attention of stars.

Every star is desirous of having a chain that no other person has, without considering its cost. They want their chain to be uncommon and unique. Sometimes, if they see someone wearing a chain that is exactly the same as theirs, they just stop wearing their own chain and then they start a new search for a unique chain.

Stars look for a chain that can reflect their own personality. For instance, a diamond studded chain shows that the person wearing the chain is pure and transparent like the diamond itself. A shining platinum chain shows that the person values himself more than anyone else. A platinum chain with expensive coloured gems studded in it shows that the person wearing it is of ebullient nature and is comfortable in talking to anyone. The coloured gems represents that the person wants to remain happy in any kind of situation.

However if you can't afford an expensive chain, at least because of their popularity amongst the stars even the less wealthy can look at the photos of celebrities and dream of one day owning their own expensive necklace.

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