Contemporary Ways to Hang Curtains

Published: 26th September 2008
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A fashionable and contemporary way to hang curtains is to use a pole rather than conventional tracking. There are a whole host of different deign styles and options available to suit different interior design concepts and home decors.

Traditionally wooden curtain poles are used to hand medium and heavy weight curtain fabrics. Wooden poles are available in a variety of different dimensions to suit windows of different sizes and styles. The use of a curtain pole provides an option of the style of curtains which can be hung from them.

Lightweight voile and faux silks hung from a thin wooden or metal curtain pole provide a minimalist look which enables the fabric to cascade and fall into natural folds and pleats which pool onto gently onto the floor. These styles of fabrics can be left pulled together and swept back from the centre and held in place with ornate and unusual tie backs which compliment both the curtain and the room's d├ęcor.

Lightweight aluminium poles are available in different dimension widths and lengths and are available in a variety of colour ways. Brushed metal effects and those which have decorative designs etched on them offer a modern look to a room.

The increase in popularity of curtains which have tab tops or fashionable eye-lets can seen the use of curtain poles revitalised over recent years. The tab tops simply slip onto the pole and are either pulled back or left closed. In order for the tabs to glide easily it is essential to keep the curtain pole dust and grime free, cleaning is as simple as the hanging technique, simply wipe the pole with a lint free cloth. An old fashioned way to keep curtain rings gliding easily on a wooden curtain pole is to polish it occasionally, it is also know for people to rub a little candle wax onto the pole which created as similar effect.

The end finales on traditional wooden curtain poles are simple rounds or acorn designs, the introduction of metal poles has seen a multitude of both traditional and contemporary designs becoming an integral part of an interior design concept. Beautiful finials in clear or coloured glass with either frosted etched designs or decorative glass designs of smoke or bubbles incorporated within them add a real touch of class and finesse to a window treatment.

Bay windows can also be fitted with curtain poles, they have an angled piece which is attached to the straight lengths by a sprung loaded tapered push in ends, this style is more generally seen on metal poles and can be described as working on the same principles as a tent pole or by having a joining piece which is fixed to the wall with a hole in which to push the poles into. The disadvantage with this type of fitting is that the curtains are not usually able to be swept right around the bay, however, as many people like to have each of the curves of their bay window decorated with a curtain this does not always pose a problem.

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